Battery-powered stud welding unit for the mounting of heat cost allocators - DUOFIX generation 2021

(18/09/2020) Since its introduction in July 2015 our unit DUOFIX sets standards regarding weight, performance and usability.

New location for the production of CNC stud welding machines

(01/07/2020) At our new additional location in Gevelsberg we produce our complete range of CNC stud welding machines as well as our tabletop stud welding machines.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: Successful audit

(11/05/2020) From March 11-16, 2020 the current audit of the integrated quality management system of Bolte GmbH and our subsidiary SB Produktion GmbH took place. The audit was held in the following company sectors:

New production site for turning technology

(20/03/2020) At our new location in Hagen we produce machined threaded studs, internally threaded studs, non-threaded studs, shear connectors with internal thread, insulation pins, bimetallic insulation pins and various special parts.

New catalogue: Stud welding in refractory construction

(07/01/2020) Because of the increased demand in this area we decided to summarise our range of heat-resistant welding elements for refractory construction in a separate catalogue.

New drawn arc stud welding guns GD 12sc, GD 12 and GD 15 with integrated travel measuring system

(26/11/2019) At the Schweisstec 2019 we presented the new stud welding guns GD 12sc, GD 12 and GD 15 - the new benchmark for drawn arc stud welding up to a diameter of 15 mm.