CNC stud welding machine T1308025 (working area: 1300 x 800 x 250 mm)

(16/05/2023) The machine T1308025 is equipped with three automatic stud welding heads KHA-200F with integrated travel measuring system, three automatic stud feeders VBZ as well as three stud welding units PRO-C 1500 and one stud welding unit PRO-I 1300.

Stud welding gun GD 22 on handling arm Powerflex

(17/04/2023) The combination of the stud welding gun GD 22 with integrated travel measuring system adapted to the handling arm Powerflex with the stud welding unit PRO-I 2200 with integrated welding parameter monitoring enables the maximum possible welding quality currently possible for manual stud welding.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: Successful audit

(06/04/2023) From February 21-23, 2023 the current audit of our quality management system took place. The audit was held in the following company sectors:

Bolte shear connectors in the new construction of the Salzbachtalbrücke

(02/04/2023) At the new construction of the southern Salzbachtalbrücke of the highway A66 in Wiesbaden the fourth and thus last bridge part was pushed over the valley last tuesday.

Recent publication in the technical press

(23/03/2023) In edition 1-2/2023 of the DVS professional journal DER PRAKTIKER an extensive article about „through deck stud welding technology“ (welding of shear connectors through galvanized profiled sheets) was published. Our units PRO-I 2200 and PRO-I 2800 with the guns GD 22 and GD 25 are ideally suitable for this.

New: automatic stud welding gun PHA-500 with integrated travel measuring system

(13/03/2023) Our automatic stud welding gun PHA-500 (designed for capacitor discharge (gap method), short cycle and drawn arc stud welding; suitable for automatic and semi-automatic use) is now also available with integrated travel measuring system.