Welding of shear connectors with PRO-I 2800 and GD 25 WMS on generators on the construction site (power cable length 120 m)

(07/03/2024) The performance of our PRO-I 2800 inverter stud welding machine with the GD 25 WMS gun was demonstrated again on a bridge construction site in the Rhineland.

A new connection between a motorway and a country road is being built here; In addition, a composite road bridge bridges an important railway line.

The steel substructure with the welded-on shear connectors must meet the requirements of both DIN EN ISO 14555 and ARS 18/2019 (General Circular of the Federal Ministry of Transport). Thus, defectively welded studs, e.g. those with a non-closed weld bead, cannot be repaired but must be removed and re-welded. This measure was not carried out in the manufacturing plant and was therefore carried out on the construction site, as was the re-welding of the shear connectors.

The electricity supply on the construction site is provided by generators, a total of 400 kVA. An unusually long power cable of around 120 m connects the stud welding machine to the power supply. The inverter technology of the welding machine puts significantly less strain on the generators than a classic machine with mains transformer and thyristor technology.

The shear connectors 22x150 and 22x200 were welded by qualified personnel (operator test according to DIN EN ISO 14732) after careful preparation of the surface by grinding. The studs are often placed near the edge of the component; special experience is required here to compensate for the so-called magnetic blowing effect and to ensure a closed weld bead. A work sample on the construction site with a visual inspection, bending test and two macro-sections was required in the renovation concept and was passed without any problems.

All parameters set in the WPS such as welding current, welding time, lift, protrusion and immersion speed (damping) are stored in the power source and are available to the operator for control, a major advantage of the modern PRO-I 2800 power source and the GD 25 WMS stud welding gun with integrated travel measuring system.

The stud welding system used here had proven to be suitable during test welding on this construction site some time ago and was mandatory for execution in the renovation concept.

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