DUOFIX is a battery-powered stud welding unit with double welding gun for simultaneous welding of two studs. The battery operation enables mobile use without electrical power supply. With DUOFIX two studs M3 for the mounting of heat cost allocators are simultaneously welded. Stud spacing can be adjusted variably. A separate ground connection is not necessary.
With a weight of just 4,6 kg (unit incl. gun) DUOFIX is especially light. The unit is integrated into a robust carrying case, which offers much space for additional tools, welding studs and accessories.
DUOFIX is very easy and comfortable to use. The integrated battery offers a capacity of 750 double welds. With a life period of approx. 1000 charging cycles it is extremely long-lasting. The newly developed double welding gun offers a range of innovative functions, which significantly facilitate daily work.
Alternatively (e.g. when the battery is empty), DUOFIX can be operated at every power socket. Optionally, a cable for charging directly at the 12V on-board socket of a motor vehicle is available.

Welding range 2 x M3
Welding material steel, stainless steel, aluminium
Welding sequence 2 double welds/min
Stud spacing (continuously adjustable) 19-63 mm
Battery capacity up to 750 double welds (optional: up to 950 double welds)
Battery life approx. 1000 charging cycles
Battery charging time 5 hours
Weight (unit incl. gun) 4,6 kg
Weight of gun 0,6 kg
Total weight (unit incl. gun and carrying case) 6,9 kg
Unit dimensions (W x L x H) 170 x 125 x 198 mm
Gun dimensions (W x L x H) 30 x 92 x 130 mm
Carrying case dimensions 400 x 200 x 240 mm
Gun cable length 1,5 m (optional: 2,1 m)
External power adapter (for charging/welding from mains) 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 2250 mA


  • only 4,6 kg (unit incl. welding gun)
    → 30% lighter than comparable competitor units!

integrated in practical and convenient carrying case

  • offers plenty of room for additional tools, wear parts and welding studs
  • with robust carrying handle and padded carrying strap
  • custom-fit sorting boxes for stud holders and studs are included edge protection
  • total weight incl. carrying case: 6,9 kg

LCD display at the top of the unit

  • easy to read
  • display of welds performed (welding counter resettable)
  • display of welds still possible
  • charging state indicator (colour changing of the display)

convenient welding gun with innovative features

  • laser alignment aid for precise stud positioning
  • integrated air level for exact adjustment
  • scale on the gun for easy setting of the stud spacing (19-63 mm)
  • automatic triggering of the double welding operation
  • Alternatively, the welding operation can be triggered in a controlled way be pressing a button. This function can quickly be activated or deactivated.
  • flexible and robust welding gun cable (length: 1,5 m (optional 2,1 m))
  • integrated splash, arc and sound guards
  • easy to maintain and robust design


  • perfect welds of very high strength
  • battery capacity: up to 750 double welds
    → 375% more capacity than comparable competitor units!
  • optional: high-performance battery with a capacity of up to 950 double welds

long-lasting high-end lithium battery

  • Battery life approx. 1000 charging cycles!

full battery charge from mains in only 5 hours

easy, tool-less change of battery

optional: charging directly at the 12V on-board socket of a motor vehicle

efficient energy management

  • automatic stand-by mode (after 30 minutes)
  • automatic shut-down (after 60 minutes)

mains operation

  • Alternatively (e.g. when the battery is empty), the DUOFIX can be operated at every power socket.

very easy to use

utmost safety

  • electronic function control
  • self-diagnosis system
  • automatic function test
  • repeat cycle lock to avoid welding on already welded studs
  • battery deep discharge protection

optionally available without carrying case

  • The very compact unit (dimensions: 170 x 125 x 198 mm) fits easily into any tool case!

high quality, durable stainless steel unit body