Design software for steel mounting hardware with welded SB shear connectors

SDdesign is a state-of-the-art software application for designing shear connectors for steel mounting hardware in concrete (CEN TS 1992-4: 2009, Parts 1 and 2; ETA 11/0120). It excels especially by an easy, intuitive user interface, modern design and convenient output options.


  • Dimensioning of single connectors or groups consisting of two to nine connectors and welded on steel anchor plates, in uncracked and cracked concrete (all concrete strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60 as well as custom definition).
  • Selected connectors are displayed graphically and with all relevant information (material, length, shaft diameter, head diameter, head thickness, minimum edge distance, minimum axis distance).
  • Existing reinforcement and supplementary reinforcement can be considered.
  • Any stress combinations (characteristic loads (with dynamic load component) or design loads) can be applied to the anchor plate (with or without welded profile for load application; common profile types are stored in the program).
  • Simultaneous analysis and design and/or verification of boundary conditions to be met (including geometry: edge and axis distances) of different shear connectors (type, diameter and length) is possible.
  • The design of the steel anchor plate can be carried out using a finite element program.
  • Clear results table with status display and options to start the reporting or order form creation or the anchor plate design for the selected shear connectors.
  • Verifiable results printout (report) showing all significant inputs as well as all individual information.
  • Order form for the calculated project (connectors and anchor plates) incl. additional ordering options (work samples, accessories, etc.).

Graphics and operation

  • Based on modern “Metro-Style Design”:
    • true-to-scale 3D graphics with interactive input options (dimensions and loads; also controllable via tabs)
    • self-explanatory tiles for the main user input groups
    • simple and clearly visible buttons in the toolbar
    • tool tips for each visual software component of the user interface
  • Easy operation through clear structuring of user inputs in input groups, can be modified in any order.
  • User-defined program options: multi-language, automatic online updates, user data

Download SDdesign

SDdesign can be downloaded under the following link or ordered from us free of charge:

Download PDF Product data sheet SDdesign