Modern equipment for SLV Duisburg

(20/09/2021) The GSI mbH branch SLV Duisburg regularly organises special training courses for stud welding and also demonstrates this welding process within the education for welding specialists and welding engineers. SLV Duisburg is pleased to receive one of the most modern stud welding systems of Bolte GmbH that was handed over today.

Delivery of our new multi-stage press

(15/09/2021) Today early in the morning our new multi-stage press was delivered.

New generation of units with extensive process monitoring and maximum usability

(05/09/2021) With the new generation of our proven series PRO-I, PRO-D and PRO-S units we have significantly improved the process monitoring. The units monitor all welding parameters and detect each discrepancy from the ideally permitted values.

Merger of SB Produktion GmbH with Bolte GmbH on July 1, 2021

(01/07/2021) Since 2014 we produce shear connectors, welding studs and miscellaneous cold formed parts on modern multi-stage and double-pressure presses in our subsidiary SB Produktion GmbH.

Dipl.-Ing. (TU)/SFI (IWE) Rainer Trillmich – welding engineer for application technology and technological consulting

(11/04/2021) With immediate effect Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (TU)/SFI (IWE) Rainer Trillmich strengthens our team as welding engineer for application technology and technological consulting. We are delighted to win the international expert for stud welding for our company.

New: Welding parameter memory and read-out/analysis software for stud welding units

(16/03/2021) With the welding parameter monitoring, integrated as standard in all series PRO-I, PRO-D, PRO-S and PRO-C stud welding units, we enable a quality control of stud welds.