Bolte stud welding technology successful in research projects

(17/01/2023) Three research institutes, the Institute for Steel Construction, the Institute for Concrete Structures at the RWTH Aachen and the Institute for Steel Construction at the University of Kaiserslautern are investigating the influence of web openings in composite beams on the load-bearing capacity.

Tabletop stud welding machine MAS-04 – special version with sound insulation housing and electrical lift door

(05/01/2023) The special version of our tabletop stud welding machine MAS-04 is equipped with a sound insulation housing and an electrical lift door.

Harmonization of our brand identity

(22/10/2022) Since we took over the company BTH Tech GmbH in September 2006 and merged to our company on December 1, 2009, we produce and market our complete equipment range (stud welding units and guns, automatic components, CNC stud welding machines) under the brand name BTH Tech with the addition „by Bolte“.

New: stud welding gun PHM-1A with integrated travel measuring system

(20/09/2022) Our proven gun for capacitor discharge stud welding is now also available with integrated travel measuring system.

Bolte stud welding technology also successfully used in the far north

(12/09/2022) Reykjavik-Kevlavik Airport in Iceland is getting an extension for baggage handling and a shopping center in steel composite construction. The general contractor is the company Istak.

CNC stud welding machine V 150300 (working area: 1500 x 3000 x 250 mm)

(30/08/2022)The machine V 150300 welds welding studs made from steel, stainless steel and aluminium.