Through deck stud welding - recent publication in the international technical press

(30/10/2023) In the current edition of the English-language international professional journal WELDING AND CUTTING an extensive article about „through deck stud welding“ (welding of shear connectors through galvanized profiled sheets) was published.

Our units PRO-I 2200 and PRO-I 2800 with the guns GD 22 and GD 25 are ideally suitable for this.

Shear connector welding through galvanized profiled sheet has been practised in composite reinforced concrete construction for decades and offers a number of advantages. The article presents the various construction methods and welding techniques, examines the different influencing variables and describes an application example at Keflavik airport in Iceland. Here our unit PRO-I 2800 with the gun GD 25 was used for welding.

The special print of the article can be viewed or downloaded here.