PRO-S 600 PRO-I 1300 PRO-I 2200 PRO-I 2800
Welding range (Ø mm)        
  Stud welding with ceramic ferrule 3-6 3-13 3-22 3-25
  Stud welding with shielding gas 3-6 3-12 3-12 3-12
  Short cycle stud welding with or without shielding gas 2-6 2-10 2-10 2-10
Welding current (A) 100-400 100-1050 100-2100 100-3150
Welding time (mS) 1-115 1-1500 1-1500 1-1500
Constant current regulation x x x x
Welding parameter monitoring        
  Welding parameter monitoring x x x x
  Welding parameter memory
with USB-interface for
data transmission to a P
o o o o
Gun connections        
  1 gun connection x x x x
  2 gun connections   o o o
  4 gun connections   o o o
Utilisable with adapter box
  x x x
Suitable for through deck welding     x x
Operation x      
  Microprocessor control x x x x
  Welding programme library x x x x
  Welding programme storage x x x x
  Device lock with PIN code x x x x
  Authorization concept
(device lock, basic settings, menu structure)
x x x x
  Weld counter (resettable) x x x x
  Lift test x x x x
  Repeat cycle lock x x x x
  Electronic function control x x x x
  Self diagnosis system x x x x
  Automatic function test x x x x
Shielding gas module o o o o
Automatic stud feeding o o o o
Error diagnosis systems        
  Excess temperature x x x x
  Phase failure x x x x
  Damage on welding/control cable x x x x
  Damage on solenoid x x x x
  CAN-BUS o o o o
  USB o o o o
Thermic controlled ventilator x x x x
Trolley design
with two big, extremely robust castors and pull-out telescopic handle
    x x
Lifting eyes     x x
2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors     x x
Robust, powder-coated metal housing x x x x
  Width (mm) 195 290 550 550
  Height (mm) 260 360 850 850
  Length (mm) 400 650 650 650
  Weight (kg) 13 31 81 102
Electric connection        
  Mains supply (V) at 50/60 Hz 230 (115) 320-495 320-495 320-495
  Mains fuse external ≥ 10 AT 35 AT 63 AT 125 AT
  Mains plug CEE 7/7 32 A 63 A 125 A
  Protection IP 23 IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Suitable welding guns        
  PHM-10 x x o o
  PHM-12 x x o o
  PHM-160   o o o
  PHM-161   o o o
  GD 12sc x x o o
  GD 12 x x o o
  GD 15   x o o
  GD 16   x o o
  GD 19   o x o
  GD 22   o x o
  GD 25   o o x
  PHA-500 o o o o
  PHA-500-6 o o o o
Control cable socket for welding guns 7-pin 12-pin 12-pin 12-pin
x = Standard, o = Option