The PIM-1K is a very small and very compact stud welding gun (welding method: capacitor discharge (contact)) for welding cupped head pins (insulation nails with clip) to fasten insulation mats. It was specially designed (length: only 43 mm, weight: only 200g) to enable welding in difficult to access areas. The cupped head pins are put onto the chuck and pushed through the insulation mat. At a certain surface pressure the welding is automatically triggered.
The PIM-1K stands out through its simple handling, its robust construction and its high reliability. Its ergonomic design and low weight assure tireless working.

Welding range Ø 2-4 mm
Welding material steel, stainless steel
Stud length any
Welding method
(acc. to DIN EN ISO 14555)
capacitor discharge (contact method)
Welding cable 10 m, 25 mm²
Control cable plug 7-pin
Dimensions (WxHxL) 40x130x43 mm
Weight (without cable) 0,2 kg
Item number B-90-10-2119
  • small and compact
    → length: only 43 mm
    → weight: only 200 g
    → for welding in difficult to access areas
  • very well suited for welding on problematic surfaces (e.g. zinc, tinder)
  • automatic triggering of welding procedure when correct surface pressure of cupped head pin to base material is reached
  • highest operational repeatability, high welding quality, high reliability
  • simple handling
  • high service life through high-grade mechanical components
  • robust housing made from impact resistant, full-insulating plastics
  • 50 mm² welding cable plugs in order to prevent burnt contacts
  • precision guidance protected from welding spatters
  • ergonomic design