Series V

The fully automatic series V stud welding machines warrant a maximum of precision and reliability through their robust construction and the use of high-value components. The available working areas as well as numerous possible option enable the customer-specific design of the machines.

  • working area X/Y: 1000 x 1500 mm, 1000 x 2250 mm or 1500 x 3000 mm (Other dimensions upon request as special production.)
    The entire working area can be reached by each welding head.
  • welding range
    stud diameter 3-12 mm (Other Diameters as well as special welding elements upon request as special production.)
  • max. number of stud welding heads: 4
    (The machine concept is designed for four working stations. If a milling unit is used at the most three stud welding heads can be mounted.)
  • max. operating speed of the X-/Y-axis: 30 m/min
  • repeat positioning accuracy of the welded studs: +/- 0,2 mm
  • fast and easy programming by operating software PRO-STUD (incl. DXF data converter)
    (DXF data import: The customer-specific DXF-data are automatically converted and transfered to the controller. Visualization of the program sequence.)
  • very easy operation by PC with Windows 10, 17" monitor (optional as touchscreen), keyboard and mouse in operating panel
  • ample program memory
  • welding parameter monitoring and documentation (by stud welding units PRO-C/PRO-I/PRO-D)
    - recording of welding current, welding time and arc voltage for each weld
    - recording of stud travel (lift, piston runtime, immersion depth) for each weld [only when an automatic welding head with travel measuring system is used]
    - comparison of the recorded welding parameters (actual values) to the parameters of a reference weld (set values) (tolerances adjustable)
    - in case of variances to the reference weld a warning is displayed or the unit is locked for further welds until the release by the operator (functionality can be switched off)
    - storage of the last ten welding parameter sets
    - optional (also retrofitable): welding parameter memory for the storage of 16000 welding parameter sets (storage with date and time) with USB-interface for data transmission (welding parameter sets) to a PC
  • automatic stud feeding
  • very good accessibility of the machine (electrical cabinet is integrated in the machine frame)
  • flexible positioning of the pneumatic clamps on the machine table
  • short set-up and retooling times
  • quick change system for welding heads
  • free zero points (zero point shift)
  • re-weld function with program continuation
  • optional protection devices:
    - light curtain
    - safety fence
  • high processing speed due to dynamic servo motors
  • premium axes with high-precision guides and threaded spindle or belt drive warrant a maximum of precision and reliability
  • inside slide mountings with cover bands avoid damages to the drive caused by welding spatters, smoke and dust
  • very robust and warp resistant welded steel machine frame
  • machine table made from aluminium T-grooved plates with laminated fabric plates for electrical insulation and as wear protection
  • ceramic stop pins on the X- and Y-zero line
  • pneumatic working lift/welding head 80 mm (mechanic adjusting range through precision crank handle 50 mm)
  • The machines are suitable for all stud welding methods.
    The following stud welding units and automatic stud welding heads can be used:
    PRO-C 1000/1500 = stud welding units for capacitor discharge stud welding (contact and gap method)
    PRO-I 1300/2200 = stud welding units for drawn arc and short cycle stud welding
    PRO-D 1600 = stud welding units for drawn arc and short cycle stud welding
    KHA-200F with integrated travel measuring system = automatic stud welding head for capacitor discharge (gap and contact method), drawn arc and short cycle stud welding
    KKA-200F = automatic stud welding head for capacitor discharge stud welding (contact method)
  • connection values
    electrical (mains supply, mains fuse external): 400 V/50 Hz, 16A
    pneumatical: ≥ 6 bar, unoiled, dry, clean
  • servo motor-driven Z-axis 250 mm for the exact and fast positioning on different levels
  • fluid spraying device for targeted wetting of the welding point before welding for each welding head
  • milling unit with exhaust device for targeted removal of problematic surface layers at the welding point
  • pneumatic single stud feeding, manual stud insertion (e.g. for feeding special studs (special geometries, overlong studs))
  • stud switch for feeding studs with the same diameter but different lengths into one welding head
  • pneumatic mass clamps standard
  • pneumatic mass clamps aperture angle 90°
  • mechanic mass clamps mounted on welding head
  • pneumatic mass clamps mounted on welding head
  • workpiece downholder for each welding head
  • pneumatic stop pins
  • shielding gas equipment for each welding head
  • multidirectional balls table