Bolte stud welding technology also successfully used in the far north

(12/09/2022) Reykjavik-Kevlavik Airport in Iceland is getting an extension for baggage handling and a shopping center in steel composite construction. The general contractor is the company Istak.

Our welding engineer commissioned a PRO-I 2800 stud welding system with a GD 25 gun for welding shear connectors. At the customer's request, he accompanied the operators for two days. Weather conditions in Iceland are generally unfavorable for construction; Rain, wind and low temperatures often hinder the planned work progress. Iceland is also a seismically active area.

Composite beams, i.e. steel beams with welded shear connectors, were therefore provided for the concrete slabs, a construction method that has often proven itself in earthquake zones. Galvanized trapezoidal profile sheets serve as lost formwork. The shear connectors are welded directly through the sheet metal onto the steel girder, so these three components form an inseparable connection. The sheets can be laid quickly, are statically taken into account in the force transfer and at the same time serve as a safe working platform. After welding the shear connectors and placing the reinforcement, concreting can begin immediately.

However, "through deck stud welding" is only possible with a modified variant of the well-known drawn arc stud welding, because the galvanized sheet metal allows a lot of zinc vapor to escape during melting, which of course must not affect the melting zone.

Another large supplier had rejected welding through the relatively thick sheets as impossible. This was not a problem for Bolte-technology. Even with several tens of meters of welding cable extension and extra long mains cable, the preselected welding performance was always reliably achieved. The customer was also impressed by the high welding speed. The installing of the shear connectors does not represent a bottleneck, you can easily make up for forced breaks due to unfavorable weather with the right conditions.

You can find a detailed description of the application here. We will gladly provide you with further information upon request.