Welding of shear connectors 19 x 80 on composite beams with two PRO-I 1300 as PowerPackage

(14/03/2022) With two PRO-I 1300 combined as PowerPackage shear connectors 19 x 80 are welded onto composite beams HEA 240. The combination of two PRO-I 1300 enables a maximum welding current of 2100 A and a maximum welding time of 1500 mS. Herewith even shear connectors with a diameter of up to 22 mm can be welded.

The units can be easily transported by one person (weight per unit 31 kg) and can also be used in small workshops, as only two power sockets with 32 A are required.

Also, three PRO-I 1300 can be connected, thus a welding current of more than 3000 A and a welding time of maximum 1500 mS are reached. This means that also in small workshops with only 32 A power sockets shear connectors with diameter 25 mm can be welded.

Further Information can be found here.