Expanded European Technical Approval ETA-11/0120 for shear connectors made of steel (e.g. S235J2+C470) and of stainless steel (e.g. 1.4301)

(30/11/2021) The European Technical Approval ETA-11/0120 for our SB shear connectors (Product family: Steel plate with cast-in anchors), which was issued to us for the first time in 2011, now was substantially expanded by the DIBt (German Institute for Civil Engineering):

  1. SB headed studs made of steel now offer increased tensile strength and yield strength with the material S235J2+C470. This increases the resistance compared to headed studs with standard values if steel failure is decisive in the design.
  2. Headed studs made of the material S355, which is asked in some tenders, have now been included in our ETA.
  3. Headed studs with a shaft diameter of 25 mm are regulated in head diameters of 40 and 41 mm.
  4. Stainless headed studs made of 1.4301 and numerous other materials have been included, as well as steel plates made of austenitic steels.
  5. SB headed studs may be welded onto steel plates made of materials up to S460N according to our updated ETA. No other manufacturer offers that!

An overview of the expansions the new ETA offers can be found here. The ETA-11/0120 can be downloaded here.

For the dimensioning of steel components with SB headed studs we offer an up-to-date design software for dimensioning, also with dimensioning for fatigue stress. The software will be shortly available for free download on our website.